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2022 PKKA black belt promotion

Ohana – It Takes A Dojo

It takes a Dojo, an entire community within the dojo to make a difference. 

Our dojo and instructors will interact and help all students grow in a safe and healthy environment. Rhyno’s PKKA is where children and adults are given the security they need to develop and flourish and develop their private martial arts journey.


Let us build and share a dojo worthy of inspiring and teaching martial arts and growing a positive community.

Our Beginnings
Cordova family

Special Thank You

A special thank you to the Cordova family. Without them, we would not know the true inspiration and meaning of mixed martial arts. The introduction of Hawaiian Kenpo karate and the development of our individual karate journeys' has been an amazing experience. The encouragement, dedication and Ohana the Cordova family has given to the Dougherty family is indescribable.  We strongly believe in our community and want to pass this experience and Ohana on to many others.

With much love and appreciation to our Sensei's:

Hanshi  Chuck Cordova

Kyoshi Caroline Cordova 

Shihan Connor Cordova

Giving Back

We’re proud of all of the College View Elementary students who graduated from their first series of karate classes with Rhyno’s PKKA and Sensei Ryan. Together, we earned $1080 to support the learning of all students!

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